Change The Conversation With Your Friends and Family

Share THE TALE and Jennifer’s story with your friends, family, colleagues by hosting your own discussion circle or facilitating a larger discussion. This film-memoir offers a rich set of themes for you and your audiences to discuss such as:


how we develop an understanding of it as a child and as an adolescent, and therefore how love is experienced as an adult


how it shapes our personal identity; how it is at times protective, manipulative, and mystifying; how we define our own validations


how sexual abuse is often initiated to befriend the child


how perpetrators and those around them can perpetuate the cycle of abuse


how we develop conscious and unconscious coping mechanisms throughout adulthood


how standing up for oneself is scary for children


the complexity of our emotional, sexual and physical development from child to adolescent to adulthood


how do we learn healthy forms of relating


words can hurt or words can heal. The word ‘victim’ can victimize the survivor. It’s best to ask the person you’re talking to what word they prefer to use when talking to them


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