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My mother, a child educator, often told me about her students being sexually abused, but somehow I didn’t really ‘get it’. After seeing “THE TALE”, I felt, ‘oh my god, that’s what it’s about!’ It woke me up as a father and a man. I understood that I have to protect and educate my daughter. ” — Common THE TALE cast member

This is sexual abuse as it often happens — not from strangers, but from the trusted – and whether it prevents future abuse by educating, or heals past abuse by remembering, The Tale is likely to stay with us for years to come. ” — Gloria Steinem Author & Activist

As I watched, I had the feeling of a firm, gentle hand holding the back of my head and saying: You cannot look away. Sexual violence against children is too often sensationalized, or it is seen purely as a criminal matter. The Tale tells it in all its nuance and should be mandatory viewing for parent training programs and education departments across the country. ” — Gary Barker, PhD President and CEO, Promundo-US

I’ve spent many years with 11, 12, and 13 year old girls – enough to have become sharply aware of the dissonance between what I experienced with girls and how girls are commonly spoken about and remembered. The Tale is a stunning, exquisitely filmed and acted reminder that girls at 13 have a voice of their own. ” — Carol Gilligan Psychiatrist & Expert in Adolescent Sexuality

I am passionate about producing social justice films that not only deal with trauma but also how to transform thru it. THE TALE is an extraordinary example of how a person can address some of the deepest issues in one’s life. I am excited for people to experience the film, to look at how and what they can heal, and to extend fierce compassion to all those around them. ” — Regina K. Scully Founder/CEO, Artemis Rising Foundation

When I was 15, I had what I believed to be a consensual relationship with my 32 year-old high school biology teacher, who left me for another student in my class. In hindsight, as an adult, I see the inappropriateness and predatory nature of his behavior. “THE TALE” spoke to me because it shows what I rarely see portrayed anywhere –– about the complexities of sexual abuse, the thin lines between memory, consent, complicity, love, loneliness, guilt, and shame. ” — Lynda Weinman Co-Founder Lynda.com, Advisory Board: The Rape Foundation

As an organization committed to supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse to heal and find justice, Safe Horizon applauds filmmaker Jennifer Fox and THE TALE for illustrating how these crimes actually happen and why we need to reform our laws to allow more survivors to hold their offenders accountable. In this #MeToo era, we are grateful that films like THE TALE give a deeply realistic portrayal of sexual abuse, and can empower more survivors to come forward, seek help and healing, and call for more accessible paths to safety and justice. ” — Ariel Zwang CEO of Safe Horizon

Advisory Board:

  • Tara Brach, Ph.D., Psychologist & Founder Insight Meditation Community of Washington
  • Esther Deblinger, Ph.D., Co-director, Child Abuse Research Education Service Institute, Rowan University
  • Kenneth Feiner, Psy.D., Supervisor NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Carol Gilligan, Psychologist and Expert in Adolescent Development
  • Jill Gentile, Ph.D., NYU Postdoctoral Program, Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Barbara Graham, Journalist, Author Camp Paradox
  • Ludy Green, Ph.D., Founder, Second Chance Employment Services
  • Frances Henry, Founder, Stop It Now; & Institute Of Medicine Global Violence Prevention
  • SaraKay Smullens, LCSW, CGP, CFLE, Best Selling Author and Therapist
  • Marie Wilson, President Emerita, Ms. Foundation for Women & The White House Project
  • Shaun Robinson, Journalist, founder S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls

Premier Donor Circle:

Artemis Rising Foundation
Regina K. Scully, Founder/CEO
  • Heavin-Weinman Family Trust Charitable Gift Fund
  • The Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation
  • Like a River Fund

A Very Special Thanks to:

  • Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona/Valley Fund
  • Pritzker Foundation
  • Natalie Orfalea Foundation
  • The Saramar Charitable Fund

Additional Funding Provided by:

  • Susanna Lachs Adler/Dean Stewart Adler
  • Mark Axelman
  • Sally Barron
  • Amanda Bell
  • Bruce Benson
  • Beverly Brunelle
  • Candace Cain
  • Carol Ciancutti
  • Nancy Katz Coleman
  • Ellen Singer & Michael Coleman
  • Paula Cramer
  • Gayle Embrey
  • Howard and Phyllis Fischer
  • Catherine Fischer
  • Linda Frankel
  • Ester Bunny Glick
  • David W. Haas
  • Frances Henry
  • Ruth Septee & Rena Septee Goldstein
  • Rochelle F. Levy and Cassie Levy
  • Rosalie Greenfield Matzkin
  • David I. & Sandra S. Grunfeld
  • InnisFree Foundation
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
  • Richard B. Klein
  • Murray S. & Jalond M. Levin
  • Stephen and Jayne Lovell
  • Harriet McDonald
  • Nion McEvoy
  • William Morningstar
  • Patricia Noah
  • Zeva Oelbaum
  • People Store Inc.
  • Caro U. and Robert Henry Rock
  • Cintra Rodgers
  • Adam Rosenzweig
  • Edward B. Ruby, MD & Michelle A. Ruby
  • Hillary Schubach
  • Rochelle Schwartz
  • Leona Shanks
  • Rebecca Rosenberger Smolen
  • Stanton and SaraKay Smullens
  • Miriam S. & Arthur R. Spector
  • Jenny Warburg
  • Mark Weiner
  • Lori Weinrott
  • Garth Weldon
  • Stacy Kent Wyckoff

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