THE TALE is a movie like none we’ve ever experienced on this topic. It opens our eyes, hearts, and minds. The film is particularly effective when watched and talked about in small or large groups, in the classroom, in the office, in screening rooms and with your colleagues, fellow students, and friends. We invite you to sign up to host free public screenings of THE TALE in your community. With our complimentary viewing guides and other materials, we are committed to supporting your discussions and your participation. Thank you for helping us change the conversation.

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Nov 4 Frau Frankfurt, Gerrmany
Nov 13 Stadtkino Basel Basel, Switzerland
Nov 17 Stadtkino Basel Basel, Switzerland
Nov 28 Stadtkino Basel Basel, Switzerland
Nov 29 Stadtkino Basel Basel, Switzerland

“The Tale is a very sophisticated, tender, layered film about childhood sexual abuse. The acting is gorgeous. The story terrifying and complex. It moved and rattled me deeply.”

– Eve Ensler, Tony Award-winning playwright, activist, founder V-Day and One Billion Rising

Jennifer and her mother, Geraldine Fox, talk on the stage after a
screening at the Prince theater in Philadelphia.

Common, Isabelle Nelisse, Jennifer Fox, Laura Dern, Ellen Burstyn and Jason Ritter attend HBO’s “The Tale” For Your Consideration Event at the Landmark Theatre, in Los Angeles, May 20 2018 (Photo by Richard Shotwell)

Jennifer discusses THE TALE after the screening in Chicago with Common and Len Amato.

Cast member Common, talks with the audience after a screening of
THE TALE in Chicago. With him on stage is Len Amato from HBO and Jennifer Fox.

Len Amato, Reka Posta, Sol Bondy, Jennifer Fox, Laura Rister, Clare Binns, John Cooper, and Tara Grace at the Photocall for ‘The Tale’ during the Sundance Film Festival London Day 1 at Picturehouse Central in London, UK on the 31st May 2018

Jennifer discusses THE TALE at Oslo Pix Film Festival in Norway where the film won the Grand Pix International and Audience Awards (as accepted by HBO Norway’s Isabell Goren)


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