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My mother, a child educator, often told me about her students being sexually abused, but somehow I didn’t really ‘get it'. After seeing “THE TALE", I felt, ‘oh my god, that’s what it’s about!’ It woke me up as a father and a man. I understood that I have to protect and educate my daughter. ” — Common THE TALE cast member

This is sexual abuse as it often happens — not from strangers, but from the trusted – and whether it prevents future abuse by educating, or heals past abuse by remembering, The Tale is likely to stay with us for years to come. ” — Gloria Steinem Author & Activist

As I watched, I had the feeling of a firm, gentle hand holding the back of my head and saying: You cannot look away. Sexual violence against children is too often sensationalized, or it is seen purely as a criminal matter. The Tale tells it in all its nuance and should be mandatory viewing for parent training programs and education departments across the country. ” — Gary Barker, PhD President and CEO, Promundo-US

I’ve spent many years with 11, 12, and 13 year old girls - enough to have become sharply aware of the dissonance between what I experienced with girls and how girls are commonly spoken about and remembered. The Tale is a stunning, exquisitely filmed and acted reminder that girls at 13 have a voice of their own. ” — Carol Gilligan Psychiatrist & Expert in Adolescent Sexuality

I am passionate about producing social justice films that not only deal with trauma but also how to transform thru it. THE TALE is an extraordinary example of how a person can address some of the deepest issues in one’s life. I am excited for people to experience the film, to look at how and what they can heal, and to extend fierce compassion to all those around them. ” — Regina K. Scully Founder/CEO, Artemis Rising Foundation

When I was 15, I had what I believed to be a consensual relationship with my 32 year-old high school biology teacher, who left me for another student in my class. In hindsight, as an adult, I see the inappropriateness and predatory nature of his behavior. "THE TALE" spoke to me because it shows what I rarely see portrayed anywhere –– about the complexities of sexual abuse, the thin lines between memory, consent, complicity, love, loneliness, guilt, and shame. ” — Lynda Weinman Co-Founder Lynda.com, Advisory Board: The Rape Foundation

Advisory Board:

  • Tara Brach, Ph.D., Psychologist & Founder Insight Meditation Community of Washington
  • Esther Deblinger, Ph.D., Co-director, Child Abuse Research Education Service Institute, Rowan University
  • Kenneth Feiner, Psy.D., Supervisor NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Carol Gilligan, Psychologist and Expert in Adolescent Development
  • Jill Gentile, Ph.D., NYU Postdoctoral Program, Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Barbara Graham, Journalist, Author Camp Paradox
  • Ludy Green, Ph.D., Founder, Second Chance Employment Services
  • Frances Henry, Founder, Stop It Now; & Institute Of Medicine Global Violence Prevention
  • Regina K. Scully, Founder/CEO, Artemis Rising Foundation
  • SaraKay Smullens, LCSW, CGP, CFLE, Best Selling Author and Therapist
  • Marie Wilson, President Emerita, Ms. Foundation for Women & The White House Project
  • Shaun Robinson, Journalist, founder S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls

Premier Donor Circle:

Artemis Rising Foundation
Regina K. Scully, Founder/CEO

  • Heavin-Weinman Family Trust Charitable Gift Fund
  • The Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation
  • Live a River Fund

A Very Special Thanks to:

  • Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona/Valley Fund
  • Pritzker Foundation
  • Natalie Orfalea Foundation
  • The Saramar Charitable Fund

Additional Funding Provided by:

  • Susanna Lachs Adler/Dean Stewart Adler
  • Mark Axelman
  • Sally Barron
  • Bruce Benson
  • Beverly Brunelle
  • Candace Cain
  • Carol Ciancutti
  • Nancy Katz Coleman
  • Ellen Singer & Michael Coleman
  • Paula Cramer
  • Gayle Embrey
  • Howard and Phyllis Fischer
  • Catherine Fischer
  • Linda Frankel
  • Ester Bunny Glick
  • David W. Haas
  • Frances Henry
  • Ruth Septee & Rena Septee Goldstein
  • Rochelle F. Levy and Cassie Levy
  • Rosalie Greenfield Matzkin
  • David I. & Sandra S. Grunfeld
  • InnisFree Foundation
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
  • Richard B. Klein
  • Murray S. & Jalond M. Levin
  • Harriet McDonald
  • William Morningstar
  • Patricia Noah
  • Zeva Oelbaum
  • People Store Inc.
  • Caro U. and Robert Henry Rock
  • Cintra Rodgers
  • Adam Rosenzweig
  • Edward B. Ruby, MD & Michelle A. Ruby
  • Hillary Schubach
  • Rochelle Schwartz
  • Leona Shanks
  • Rebecca Rosenberger Smolen
  • Stanton and SaraKay Smullens
  • Miriam S. & Arthur R. Spector
  • Jenny Warburg
  • Mark Weiner
  • Lori Weinrott
  • Garth Weldon
  • Stacy Kent Wyckoff

Major Collaborators:

Organizational Friends


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